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Super Mario’s Grain Salad


I grew up with Super Mario. I'm confident to say that I spent more time with Mario than my actual friends when I was in the elementary school back in Japan. You might find that depressing, but I have an universe level of imagination, … [Read]

Vegan Cactuar Lasagna with Sweet Potatoes


Final Fantasy and I go way back. Compared to other countries, girls in Japan don't really play Final Fantasy games. In fact, girls in general don't really play video games in Japan. I was always pretty girlie, but was also curious in many … [Read]

Jabba The Hutt Vegan Shepherd’s Pie


My first Star Wars-themed food was Chewbacca, and now I return with a new recipe featuring good old Jabba the Hutt! Why Jabba? Well why not?! I’ve always had a thing for chubby creatures, regardless of what they look like. Jabba is a large … [Read]

Rilakkuma Mitarashi Dango

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I've been seeing this super cute Rilakkuma Dango stuff all over the internet, so I decided to follow the virtual trend this Holiday time :) I was also in strong need of distracting myself after all my Christmas plans got cancelled this … [Read]

Vegan Pumpkin Smoothie with Soot Sprites


The last recipe of "Yukitchen Halloween Spectacular" series is inspired by Soot Sprites from Spirited Away! We Japanese call Soot Sprites "Makkuro Kurosuke" (some call them Susuwatari but it's not as familiar), so I was going to call this … [Read]

Yubaba Miso Soup

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Yukitchen's Halloween Spectacular part 2!! Same as the last time, we are still doing "Spirited Away" from Studio Ghibli. Since the food is supposed to be scary, I picked Yubaba, because she is really, really scary in the film.It's been a … [Read]

Kaonashi Yakisoba

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Halloween is just around the corner! I remember when I used to live in the States and this would be the week I started to work on my Halloween costumes. I used to google "Halloween fashion" and got excited about it this time of the year. … [Read]

Vegan Ramen With a Global Warming Polar Bear


Whenever my friends are planning a trip to Japan, one thing they always ask me is "Where is the good ramen place??". Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish with Chinese style wheat noodle. I'd say it's one of the best Japanese food of all … [Read]

Portrait Cookies


I'm super excited because I'm finally adding a new recipe in Yukitchen today! I've been sidetracked by other work and could not have time to edit my photos for a very, very long time! I made this recipe, like 6 months ago! I named this … [Read]

Bathing Panda’s Chia Pudding Parfait


Yukitchen's very first chia seed recipe is finally done! These "superfood" chia seeds and flaxseeds are pretty well-known on the inter web, but not so much in Japan. Chia and flaxseeds both contain all sorts of good stuff like protein, … [Read]

No Sugar Perfect Banana Bread

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Hello everyone! I’m so excited about this post because I finally finished photographing my banana bread! I think I’ve baked nearly 50 banana bread this year (I’m not joking), yet I’ve never had chance to photograph it. Making banana bread … [Read]

Gluten Free! Domo kun Biscotti

Domokunbiscotti5973 copy 2

Domo kun is underestimated in Japan.  You see him everywhere outside of Japan but not so much in his home land. One of the many reasons why Japanese should travel more is that they can find out how much our culture is affecting a lot of … [Read]

Panda Tapioca Milk Tea With Panda Boba


When I had my first tapioca milk tea, I was a student at UCSD. I was at a "Tapioca Express" AKA "Tapex" on Convoy Street after school, getting in a queue with a bunch of Asian Americans with my heavy backpack filled with textbooks. Asians … [Read]

Choco-Banana Rilakkuma Toast


This week, I purchased a western food called "Nutella" for the first time in my life. I'm aware that Nutella is wildly common throughout the US and Europe, but not in Japan. I lived in the states for many years, yet I promised myself never … [Read]

Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Rilakkuma

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Recently, I've gotten Jamie Oliver-ed. I've been watching his food channels and I think I got sucked in, just a little. According to one of his posts, there are 3 ways of making scrambled eggs: -English way, French way and the American way. … [Read]

Panda Shiratama Anmitsu

yukitchenpandaanmitsu3 copy

I've been meaning to start a panda collection ever since Yukitchen started and it finally made it‘s debut. Recently I discovered that making food art out of shiratama is surprisingly easy and that's how my "Panda Shiratama" came to be. Some … [Read]

Creamy Classic Hummus


I'm a kind of girl who rather makes hummus on a friday night than going out to a fancy club. The art of getting old has finally kicked in, but I'm not embarrassed of it. Making -my- hummus, by the way, has been nothing but fun. They call me … [Read]

Rilakkuma Burger


For the past couple years, I've been on a quest for making the perfect veggie burgers. It's been a quite mission to create the burgers that has everything that we need. But I think I'm finally comfortable enough to announce the world that … [Read]



You heard it right. It's not meatloaf. It's "Neatloaf"! Neatloaf and I first met at dinner, at Jyoti-Bihanga in San Diego with my friends a year ago. It was love at first "bite". However, just like all those love stories, there was a … [Read]

Domo-kun Christmas Pudding


When a Japanese girl keeps making Christmas pudding every month, she eventually wonders if she could break the British tradition and make it more.... Japanimated. It was a fine morning in early April when I was making my 4th Christmas … [Read]

Chewbacca Hummus


When I first saw Star Wars, I didn't really understand it. I was around 9, keeping myself busy with learning how to write my name in Kanji, so I figured I was just too little to understand it. A decade later, I watched it again with a … [Read]



Like most fans would say, "Nausiccaa(風の谷のナウシカ)" is my favorite film from Studio Ghibli. I constantly find beautiful fan artworks on internet under #studioghibliart hush-tags, and that inspired me. Then I wondered what it would be like to … [Read]

Rilakkuma Inari


I might be a vegetarian, but I do sometimes eat Rilakkuma. When I do eat him, I make sure he is made out of Japanese sushi, so I feel a little better about myself. My Rilakkuma is all organic and it's surprisingly easy to make. The two main … [Read]